Why Should You Consider Having a Data Analytics Portfolio

Why Should You Consider Having a Data Analytics Portfolio

If you want to find a job in the field of data analytics or any job that requires technical skills in MS Excel, Tableau, SQL, PowerBI, Python R etc., then keep reading this article to understand why you need an Analytics Portfolio.

What is an Analytics Portfolio?

First, let’s understand what is an Analytics Portfolio. In simple terms, it is very easy for anyone to say in an interview that you know how to work with Tableau or SQL, but how can a hiring manager ever understand your level of competence based on what you say. This is where an Analytics Portfolio along with a Certificate in Data Analytics such as the LDA Data Analytics Certificate comes in handy.

The Analytics Portfolio is proof of your work and your level of competence. It contains samples of your projects created using all the tools that you want to showcase. You can include links to your published Tableau Dashboards, links to your mode SQL code scripts, links to your GoogleSheets Dashboard and a lot more. The Portfolio can reside on your website or could simply be links embedded in your resume or email signature, it is that easy and simple.

Why do you need one?

An Analytics Portfolio acts as a way of showcasing your skill. Think of yourself as a company of one. Every company needs some marketing material to show the public what it does, what it is capable of doing etc. Similarly, this Analytics Portfolio acts as a testament to what you are capable of doing and acts as a showcase of your skills and abilities and what you have to offer.

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Why Should You Consider Having a Data Analytics Portfolio
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