Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Learn SQL In 2022

Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Learn SQL In 2022

Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Learn SQL In 2022

It might seem odd to you that something that’s been around since the mid-70’s is still going strong today in the field of computing and databases. Yet, that is exactly the case with SQL, which stands for Structured Query Language. Some people just pronounce it ‘sequel’, while others prefer to use the acronym when discussing it.

In any case, it is a programming language in its own right, and it facilitates the retrieval and update of database information. No matter how much technology changes, and what kind of new languages come into usage, there seems to be an ongoing need for manipulating the information in databases, and that’s where SQL excels. So, is it really worth your while learning this language in 2022? Absolutely, and here’s why.

#1: It handles huge volumes of structured data

The single most valuable commodity in this era of technology has nothing to do with precious metals or currency. It’s actually data. There will always be a great need to store and manage data efficiently. Because of the COVID-19 break, a great many facilities have switched over to being completely virtual. This means that even more data is involved, and there’s an even greater need to manage all this extra data. When you have a database so large that it has millions of entries, analysis of that data can be problematic. SQL queries can be extremely efficient in performing analysis operations, and accessing specific filtered types of data on demand.

#2: It’s a programming language which goes beyond programming

SQL is a programming language that goes far beyond typical programming usage, and can be used by a marketing or sales team to analyze their data, just by running a few simple queries. SQL has great use for people in the financial sector as well, because it’s capable of carrying out financial analysis of even very large databases, even if these are absolutely loaded with financial information.

#3: SQL is still supported by almost all of today’s technology

Even though technology keeps marching on and changes keep altering the world of computing, SQL has remained a valuable and viable technology because virtually all data or technologies still make use of the SQL interface. Regardless of the type of technology, data is always involved and that means there must be support for SQL in some fashion. That means learning as SQL is well worth your while, because more than likely it will become a valuable tool in your arsenal whenever you’re working on any kind of data-driven technology.

#4: Useful for data analysis

Data analysis incorporates the processing and the specific interpretation of data, so as to learn from it, and so critical business questions can be answered. SQL is listed as the single most desirable skill for a data analyst, and for anyone who is involved with data manipulation and analyzing large amounts of data. It’s much easier to make strategic business decisions when SQL is used to provide information that can lead to making those decisions.

#5: Useful for a career in data science

Anyone who is interested in a career in data science will eventually come across the need to have a good understanding of SQL. This is a very promising and rewarding career choice, and one of the foundational building blocks for it will be learning SQL. Even Big Data make use of SQL as their primary application program interface (API) to manipulate and manage relational databases. The SQL language incorporates null values, indices, primary keys, foreign keys, and joins, all of which are critical to a sound working knowledge of data science.

#6: An in-demand skill

Whether you end up being a developer, analyst, or product manager, SQL is one of the most valuable skills you can have. According to most job portals today, SQL is the skill most in demand, because it’s an easy to learn programming language, and it has such robust structure. Most of the top companies will ask for SQL skills, because they go hand-in-hand with all the other modern technologies. With all the other uncertainties that the business world faces during COVID-19, one very predictable thing is that learning SQL can still be enormously advantageous in 2022. It’s been around for nearly four decades, and it’s still in demand because of its extraordinary usefulness. There is still no other tool on the market which makes managing structured data easier, performing client-server operations efficiently, and which is such a great choice for financial and analyst roles.

Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Learn SQL In 2022
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