Data Analytics

Anonymous – 2022

“Gave me all the tools I needed to create Dashboards. The curriculum was strong, Hira was really knowledgeable. I appreciated that the teacher was so accessible. I had one-on-one time with her to help me with my questions and my final project. The class was also accommodating to my busy schedule and the teacher structured […]

Momoh, 2021

“The delivery is excellent and the instructor is exceptional, she breaks down every piece of information on the slides. The content is loaded and this is what I have always hope for, getting a body that can really bring out data analytic skills and put it in me. This is actually my first time of […]

Anonymous, 2021

“It was awesome. I learnt using new tools and more deeper usage of Excel and I was very happy to put my first dashboard together using Tableau and Excel. Now I feel confident using these tools.”

Anonymous, 2021

“Overall i found the course quite valuable in learning material about data analytics.  It has given be great tools to apply in my daily work.” 

Anonymous, 2021

“I think that the class was very helpful to me. I learned a lot during the course and I feel more confident using Excel, SQL and Tableau. The instructor was polite and informative and answered our questions well. The class is a bit fast paced but each lecture is recorded so, that you can watch […]

Neha, 2021

“I am finding it very friendly to access zoom and google classroom, I am also satisfied w the course so far. online class sessions are very helpful. I enjoyed the live and recorded classroom sessions and interactive class work.” 

Anonymous, 2021

“I like the simplicity with how it is explained and appreciate the follow up slides that are provided.”

Anonymous, 2021

“Great workshop to get an overall picture in regards to Data analytics, like the pace and content is clear.” 

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