Power Up Your Resume With a High-Demand Skill: Tableau

Power Up Your Resume With a High-Demand Skill: Tableau

Power Up Your Resume With a High-Demand Skill: Tableau

If you’re wondering about the job market for people with Tableau skills, consider the fact that there are currently more than 19,000 job openings in the U.S. alone for people who work with Tableau. This has become an extremely popular tool for data visualization and it is used to great extent in the Business Intelligence industry. It is extremely useful for converting large databases into understandable datasets, without having to filter the data using programming or other kinds of manipulation. In this discussion, we’ll describe why Tableau should be part of your work portfolio, and how it can help you get hired.

High demand for professionals

One of the biggest reasons you should learn Tableau is because of the surging demand for specialists in the field. The reason for this is because data is now being generated in greater quantities than ever before, and it’s necessary to make sense of all that data somehow. The amount of data being generated in today’s business world is more than 50 times greater than a decade ago. In order to process all that data, organizations require a tool such as Tableau which is interactive and easy to learn. It allows you to gain insights from all the data being analyzed, and that is a huge benefit to any business.

Rewarding profession

Individuals who have Tableau among their skillsets are often the best paid company employees, especially in data analyst departments. Since there’s such a low supply of professionals coupled with a high demand, that amounts to the high-end compensation for Tableau specialists in the job market. For instance, the average income of a Tableau developer is right around $82,000, and it’s not uncommon to see salaries above $100,000.


Tableau is rich with visual analytics, and it permits users to easily interact with and organize data. It allows them to make informed business decisions and to have keener insights into the data. It’s a very user-friendly tool which allows users to quickly assemble complex charts and graphs that are similar to those built through Microsoft Excel. Tableau is extremely good at handling high volumes of data, and for making faster calculations on data. The user interface allows you to customize your dashboard to your specific purposes, and it can easily be integrated with whatever data sources you’re using.

Better manipulation and data integration

Integration in Tableau is fairly straightforward, so that users can easily integrate any external program or software. Using this tool, people can easily connect data sources without any hassles on incompatibility. It’s also possible to integrate Tableau with a variety of different sources for data. It’s very easy to implement data analytics in the software, and this will allow you to perform data manipulation, to acquire reports from other databases, and to understand and consolidate your data much better.

High volume of hiring

If you’ve taken a look through the various job openings available in your area, you probably see that there’s a number of leading organizations all over the world searching for experts familiar with Tableau. Some of these companies are top-notch corporations such as Dell, Facebook, KPMG, Bank of America, and Verizon. If you’re looking for a high-powered career with a successful business enterprise, then it’s safe to say that knowing Tableau will definitely work to your benefit, and give you a great chance at being hired.

Personal growth

Tableau is adept at helping individuals to achieve growth along the pathway of their career. When you become a certified Tableau professional, you’ll have a big leg up on other specialists in terms of getting hired by top corporations. It will open up numerous opportunities in the area of business analyst, visual analyst, data scientist, and certified Tableau analyst. This means you can count on getting a higher salary than your rivals, and it validates your skills as a Tableau professional for your entire future career.

A secure career

Tableau has become one of the most widely used tools in all of business intelligence, especially with regard to data visualization. Research conducted by Gartner shows that Tableau has seven times been declared the number one tool in the business for data visualization in business intelligence. Compared with competitors, Tableau is considered to be far more proficient and efficient in consolidating data and making sense of it all.

It’s way ahead of the market curve in supplying cutting-edge technology to users, thus increasing their performance and functionality. In terms of visual completeness, is supplies extremely powerful features, and these can always be used to great advantage on the job. What all this means is that there’s a very bright future for Tableau, and an even brighter future for professionals who have become proficient with using the software. 

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Power Up Your Resume With a High-Demand Skill: Tableau
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